10 years on low heat


From October 13th to November 6th

Presentation Saborea San Miguel de Abona

X Edition

Almost without noticing, we find ourselves before the 10th Edition of Saborea San Miguel de Abona. We celebrate this anniversary, taking up some of the activities that have positioned this gastronomic project on the top.

If we have learned something since we started Saborea San Miguel de Abona, it is that our gastronomy is not only enjoyed but experienced and celebrated. Bars, tascas, and restaurants have become indisputable places full of flavours, ranging from traditional meals to the most innovative fusions. Places that invite us to immerse ourselves in an infinite sea of aromas, difficult to beat.

Ruta de la Tapa

Gastronomy with local flavor

As in previous editions, we will celebrate together with the participating establishments and with you, theRuta de la Tapa.

A journey through the different flavors of our local gastronomy, interpreted from the experience and specialization of each one of them. From the most traditional dishes to the fusion with other gastronomic cultures.

This year we have the participation of 17 establishments distributed by the municipality, which will gladly prepare their best dishes to delight your palate.

Are you coming to the Ruta?

Activities program

Training and activities

The main objective of the activities offered for this edition is to make the local product and its quality known. As well as supporting training initiatives that serve as inspiration for those interested in the world of gastronomy.

To participate in any of the scheduled activities, you don’t need to be a professional, you just need to be interested and willing to learn from the best in the sector.

Saborea San Miguel de Abona 2020


19th Hole

The 19th Hole

Prize for the best Tapa

Rincón de Gloria

Bacalao a la crema de castañas

1st Prize for the best presentation, taste, innovation, and texture-technique


Ventresca de atún empanada la plancha

2nd Prize for the best presentation, taste, innovation, and texture-technique

Las Cazuelitas de Feriche

De la huerta con almogrote

3rd Prize for the best presentation, taste, innovation, and texture-technique